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Posted at — Mar 5, 2009

Mac OSX port of FBReader

Experimental build of 0.10.x branch

Experimental build of latest version 0.10.7 released. Compiled with Qt version 4.5, fribidi version 0.9.10, linebreak version 1.1.

Now you can access SVN repository of port source on GoogleCode and GitHub.

Port of latest version 0.8.17

Great news! Port of latest version 0.8.17 released. No installation package, no need of external libraries now. Standart Mac OS X application. PowerPC support added.

Ports requires Mac OS X 10.5+, Intel or PowerPC processor.

You may still want to install TrollTech’s Qt library, for development purprose for example.

In case you already have Qt library installed, you may download stripped version of aplication without builtin Qt library.

Original FBReader site now here.

WebKit updater

Archive contains:

DidiWiki personal wiki

Modified version of didiwiki, that support bLADE Wiki format. It may used along with PocketPC.

N800 version of DidiWiki personal wiki

DidiWiki compiled binary for maemo platform.

top for AppleTV

Aarchive contains top binary, that works on AppleTV